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نوشته شده توسط مسعود رضا مدرسی چهاردهی نقل از : کتاب سلوک روحی (عرفان و تصوف) اثر مسعود رضا مدرسی چهاردهی– هندوستان – دهلی نو سال 2011- Arshia Publication   
چهارشنبه ، 22 مرداد 1393 ، 22:49

مقاله شماره 32

in the extent of theoreticalgnosticism

life and theyhave already been 'style,explanation of the greatest gnostics

published but the book whichexplains the practicable performance of Islamicbehaviour

and technical orders with the effects ofeach one and the results and the pests

. of spiritualbehaviour hasn't been written yet

. This book is unparalleled

It is good to translate this book in English thateither demands of the right

and truth or reserchersof practicable of the religious way can use it so faras

. possible

. proceed to spiritual behaviour

He writes about practicable and technical ofspiritual behaviour for wayfarer

These ordersare suitable. Zoroastrian and Muslims, Christian, who has Jewish

. with thier religious believes

the Jews, The writer himself has done all the methods ofbehaviour such as Hindu

. beforeIslam (ancient Iran) Hooshang religion, Zoroaster, Christianity,

He has practicably done Islamic behaviour anddynasties of Islamic Sufism one

. (ChahardehiNooredin) He wastrained them near a powerful master. by one

. he has taught them to demands, After learning

Modaresi Chahardehi Masudreza,is Modaresi Chahardehi Nooredin's, The writer

. son andAyatollah Modaresi Chahardehi Mirza MohammadAli's grandchild

His father descends from Mulla AbdolrazzaghLahiji entiteled to Fayyaz Lahiji

. who was MullaSadra's son-in-law and he wrote Ghohar Morad

With due attention to the fact that many books

need to ateacher and a master is different 'This book believes the disciples

. It believes the Aghtab'stime is over. need to a Morad 'from thedisciples

This book explains the Mentions and theGrand name and the process of doing them

. one by one, withthe effects of each one

It explains the difference between real spiritualbehaviour which the writer

. with customary spiritual behaviour, believes it is individualway

likeness ofbody and the specifications, body, The writer writes about spirit

. speaking andthe religion in Spirit World, sleeping, He writes about eating

He writes about the stays of trembling andexplains how a person can change it . to calm

self-discipline, Silence Prayer ,Union fast, He clearly writes about Silence fast

. and kinds of it andthe effects of each one on Spirit and Body

ignorance into knowledge, He gives us practicable ways which canchange bad into good

.He believes spiritual behaviour ends to truth

So the writerrecommends to wayfarers by keeping. The Owner's way is our God

their religion

In the name of God

This book is begun from meaning and conceptof spiritual behaviour and after

counting human'scapital in spiritual behaviour that contains 1-thought

. life -3 (body) physical materials -2

concentration and- It explains every concept such as thought andcases of it

then it explains practicable andtechnical , effects of it on spiritand body

Acts of sitting- Mental Face- orders of spiritual behaviour such asMention

the wayfarer's nourishing andsleeping and clothing- in behaviour-Stop Breathing

. (They weresecret and they weren't revealed like this) one by one

wayfarer's ability after mentalbehaviour , this book mentions the conditions ofbehaviour

the, the rapture andthe result of spiritual behaviour, the pests of behaviour,

ways ofconcentration on the Moon and the Sun and thesecrets of technical in

. Islamic Sufism wererevealed

Sufism Sheiks can'tchange thier disciples and they don't  This book believes

. have anyefficiency

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